3 Lies I Used To Believe About Racism

Today, as you know is the celebration of Juneteenth. My CEO gave every one the day off, but encouraged us to use it to learn, educate, reflect, and most importantly take action. Since the death of George Floyd, I’ve struggle with the best way to publicly engage in this work. As a white man, I’veContinue reading “3 Lies I Used To Believe About Racism”

Love Your Neighbor

This idea of loving your neighbor is a cornerstone of the christian tradition. From it, we are informed about charity, generosity, and thanksgiving fleshed out in later reflections from early church leaders. In many of the stories where people argue with the teacher Jesus about who is a neighbor and who isn’t, people try desperatelyContinue reading “Love Your Neighbor”

Desperation in Tijuana

I left Tijuana yesterday afternoon. As I was leaving, there were police amassing, a growing helicopter presence overhead, and Federal Police with heavy weapons driving in. It was clear that something was developing. It seemed to me that this preparation was far less intense, however, than the Mexican military unit that had set up aContinue reading “Desperation in Tijuana”