Alternative Voices

Repairing Hope is a place for reflection. We want to amplify the voices that are on the outside, marginalized, or ignored. These are the voices we need now more than ever.

Regenerative Spirituality

Rethinking Enemy.

A look back at core faith teachings through the eyes of nature. Perhaps these ancient doctrines are less fixed ideas to be argued over, and more challenges to love the unlovable, even if that means ourselves.

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The Inclusive Orthodoxy

Faith In The Most Unlikely Places

Inspired by the Franciscan alternative orthodoxy, an evolving look at what good news means in the modern world. Maybe it’s less about what we believe, than who we believe.

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War, Violence, and Enemy Love

Learning The Roots.

What is violence, war, and peace really? Conversations and interviews with former warriors, current peacemakers, and many in between.

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Matt Malcom

Matt graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2016. Soon after he commissioned as an officer in the US Army. After solidifying his beliefs about violence, war, and enemy love he left the Army in 2018 as a Conscientious Objector. Today, he writes, speaks, and works to foster a more connected and thoughtful world. His goal: that one day they would call a war, and no one would come.

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