The Peacemaker’s Manifesto

I am committed to Nonviolence.

Not as a political tool or a means to an end.

But as the end itself.

I am a servant of all people, everything I have I share.

What I have is impartial, unconditional love.

God-willing, when others come to take from me, this is all they will find left.

I am committed to loving the oppressed, and the oppressor.

There is no bottom 99% or top 1%. The good shepherd left the 99 to find the 1. There is only the 100%.

I pledge allegiance to no state, religion, or politic.

I choose to serve both the elected official, and the impoverished constituent. The CEO and the minimum wage employee.

I will be mislabeled, misunderstood, and mischaracterized.

Like a lamb to the slaughter I will not make a sound.

You can take nothing from me, because I’ve already decided to give it to you.

I am weak, and at the mercy of your violence, alongside the incarcerated waiting execution and indefinite confinement.

I am vulnerable to your power, alongside my bothers and sisters of color, the foreigners, asylum seekers, immigrants, and my LGBTQ family.

I labor not for the rewards of a future, heavenly realm, but the awareness of paradise inside me; as my ego and self-centeredness break apart and reveal something that’s been hiding itself all along.

There is no me, only we.

Welcome to the Non-Resistance.

And sometimes I will fail, and then they will mock.

And I will chose to love anyway.

Published by Matt Malcom

Author. Speaker. Activist.

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