Be encouraged.

This business of searching for hope and challenging the status quo can weigh on your soul. So, I want to stop for a moment of self-examination and ask, how is your soul, how is my soul? I’d like to encourage you with the words that I need to hear right now. Here is the truth: you are not a problem. You are an incredible blessing and asset to so many people around you. You are a much better version of yourself than you believe, and have way more potential than you think. A long time ago, in a mysterious process, you were formed together in a womb to be exactly who you are today. And every decision, action, failure, and success was a good, good process that got you here. And no matter what other people, the statistics, or whatever thing you derive your identity want to weigh in and say, you are actually a good person. You really are. Because you are a human, you are good. Receive this and let it soak into your bones. The thing about you that cannot be changed, your humanity, is what makes you good. Breathe it in, it’s all around you. Because you are human, you are a good, good creation. And this is the fuel which ought to ignite your fire, your identity, and your direction. Interact with the world as though you are good, and as though they are good too, because they are human. Love your neighbor as yourself.
So many things in our life can cause us to lose our humanity, especially bad theology and views about the eternal. If I might be so bold, I encourage you to embrace the mystery that is the soul and its creation, breathe in a deep sigh of relief, and know that you are a good person doing their best. And let that be your starting point for the rest of today and the new day tomorrow.

Thought of Meditation: Love your neighbor as yourself.

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